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Pendants and brooch: 16th - 18th century
Pendants and brooch. Dress ornaments in bow-form were popular from the 17th century, when the ribbon and braid trimmings of dress began to be simulated in metal and stones. Top: A silver brooch, set with calibre-cut foiled pastes imitating opals, in the form of a double bow. English or French, 1741-1760. Right: A gilt metal pendant in the form of a bow with a suspended rosette; set with flat cut garnet. It was worn suspended from associated necklace plaque on a ribbon tied closely to the neck, choker-fashion. This is a characteristic example of late 18th century English decorative jewellery. Left: A 16th century - early 17th century gold pendant, in the form of a bow set with fancy-cut and trap-cut foil-backed rubies and table-cut diamonds. This jewel was part of the Cheapside Hoard, discovered in June 1912. The pendant, called a 'flower' in Elizabethan times, was often attached by a ribbon to the left breast. Pendants were also used to adorn the hair and the neckline.
1500 AD - 1760 AD
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16th century, 17th century, 18th century
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Costume & Decorative Arts
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Tudor (1485 - 1603)
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Museum of London
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62.121/69, A21548*, A14100,
Later History
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18th Century London
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The Cheapside hoard (MOL2003), Treasures & Trinkets (MoL 1991)
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18th Century, Brooch, Calibre-Cut, Diamond, Double Bow, Fancy-Cut, Fashion, Flat Cut, Foil-Backed, Garnet, Gilted, Horizontal, Jewellery, Pendant, Ruby, Set, Sparkly, Suspended Rosette, Table-Cut, Trap-Cut, White Background
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